Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Work Day Two-Team 2

Work Team 2 (John, Chandler, Charlotte K., Reilly, Sam, Meredith, Nelia, Charlie)

Today we started off thinking that we would continue our varnishing project, but an unexpected burst of rain changed our plans. Nelia turned the van around and we headed to the housing development alliance headquarters where they gave us our new assignment. From there we drove to our new location, Patsy and Ted’s house. Their home was build seventeen years previous by the housing development alliance. Ted was recently diagnosed with cancer and consequently cannot keep up with his housing maintenance. Although we did not get to varnish today, we were happy to spend another day with our favorite tool; the power washer. Half of the team applied their newly acquired power washing skills to the sides of Ted and Patsy’s house. With the help of a ladder (+Chandler’s height), we managed to make the house shine top to bottom. The other half of the team worked in the house’s crawl space. Our job was to clear out the storage and then re-surface the floor of the space with new plastic. Spiders, cobwebs, and an ancient rat carcass did not stop us and we got the job (almost) done. Today’s daily devotion, led by John, went smoothly as did our exchanges with the homeowners. Our highs of the day included conversations with Ted and Patsy, cooling off in the mist of the power washer, and a giant bag of McDonalds happy meal toys discovered in the crawl space. Our only low of the day was the rain, but like Charlie says, someone upstairs is just trying to challenge us. Minimal lows and happy memories made day three a good day for group 2! 

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