Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Work Day Two-Group 3

Work Team 3 (Maddie, Teddy, William, Carly, Jack D., Gayle, Kendra)

Day 2 founds us at the same Housing Development Alliance house as yesterday. The home belongs to an elderly woman, Miss Alice. She is mainly home bound after a stroke prevented her from moving without a walker. With her encouragement, we started the day’s work. About half of the roof had been completely re-done, so we finished up the remaining part. After harnessing up, we began ripping up the old shingles and laying down the waterproof prep sheet. Next we separated the shingles and began to piece them together and secure them with a nail gun. As this was going on, the remainder of the group basked in the shade and spider webs of the crawl space under the house. Continuing work from yesterday, which was to replace the ground barrier sheet, we measured, cut and places many new pieces of plastic. Overall, team three came out of the sun, heat and sweat with smiles.  

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