Thursday, June 23, 2016

Work Day Four-Team 2

Work Team 2 (John, Nelia, Charlie, Sam, Meredith, Reilly, Chandler, Charlotte)

Being the fifth day in a row that we woke up uncomfortably early, even Kendra put her head down at breakfast. We headed off to our second day at Patsy and Ted's house. After the egg casserole we arrived, but Matt and Lonnie (our carpenters) got held up so we did our devotions early then went to go get some gas. When we returned, Matt and Lonnie were there with everything we needed for the day. We unloaded the lumber then loaded their trailer up with all the trash from the crawlspace. We then began to cut the lumber to make stairs up to the deck in the back. After it was all cut we broke up into two teams and one conditioned work on the stairs and the other group started putting insulation in the ceiling. While all of this was happening, Patsy was cooking up some fantastic brunch for the group. We paused to eat and it was scrumptious. After that we got back to work on the projects. Matt helped us with the insulation and Lonnie helped us with the staircase. We finished the stairs and extended the cement platform at the bottom of the stairs. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Patsy and said our goodbyes to Matt, Lonnie, Patsy, and Ted.

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