Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Work Day Three-Team 3

Work Team 3 (Jack Dager, William, Maddie, Kendra, Gayle, Carly, Teddy)

Today, work team 3 made major progress on the roof as well as in the crawlspace. In the crawlspace, they finished laying down the plastic across the ground and the walls. They secured the plastic with tape and wooden beams (It’s harder than it sounds). While all the action on the ground was happening, the workers on the roof were really gettin’ stuff done. Yesterday they finished one side of the roof, and today they finished most of the other side, particularly because there was a storm and Kendra was not very fond of them working on the roof with lightning (She is very good at keeping us alive). The day was not very labor intensive, filled with many breaks in the crawlspace and a tasty multiple sandwich lunch. Overall, as always, it was a great day and we are excited, yet disappointed that tomorrow will be our last day of work.

After all the work groups reconvened, everyone from work group 3 received a ride from the lovely Nelia to the showers, so we didn’t have to walk. Nelia’s always lookin’ out for the crew. We showered and Nelia drove us back to the church (just making our day a whole lot better one ride to the showers at a time). Kendra then rallied up the troops and took us on a yearly Dairy Queen run. After returning, we worshiped TaizĂ© style. We then had a delish authentic Kentucky styled supper that consisted of only the classics (Cornbread, soupbeans, potatoes and hashbrowns, really really sweet ice tea, and not to mention raspberry AND apple pie. Classic). We winded down with some devotion and prayer, then topped it all off with a friendly-turned-aggressive match of Celebrity. 

Yours truly, Jack Dager (Teddy helped a bit)

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  1. You are all doing an amazing job for the community of faith. Keep up the great work!