Monday, June 20, 2016

First Work Day-Team 2

Work Team 2 (John, Chandler, Charlotte K., Reilly, Sam, Meredith, Nelia, Charlie)

Today we went to a woman’s house to help clean and paint her newly built walkway. Her brother was a war veteran and was confined to a wheelchair so we stained the ramp for him. We split up into two groups, a staining group and a power washing group, and rotated so that everyone could try both jobs. Once we heard about what our job was, we thought the whole job would take us no more than two hours, but we soon realized it would take at least two full days. Fortunately, we finished up the power washing today, but we still have a lot of staining to do. Our carpenters watched on as we stained to ensure the stain didn’t drip. While it may seem like this was an easy job, the stain had the viscosity of water and it had a tendency to run. There were chickens. 

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