Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Work Day Three-Team 2

Work Team 2 (Nelia, Charlie, Meredith, John, Charlotte K. , Reilly, Chandler, and Sam)

Our third day of work was short but fulfilling. We returned to the home of Ted and Patsy to finish what we started yesterday. In the crawlspace underneath the house, we drilled wooden beams to the cement walls so that the plastic would stay in place. Although it was difficult at times, we really enjoyed using the power tools and established an efficient system to get the job done quickly. We all began to appreciate the crawlspace for its unexpected comfort despite the damp darkness and frequent bug discoveries. Additionally, we power washed the gutters, driveway, and front walkway of the house so that it was sparkling clean by the end of the day. We also organized the things that we removed yesterday and put them back in the crawlspace after the drilling was complete. Before lunch we started to demolish the porch steps, but another storm kept us from completing the job. As we ate lunch, we watched the storm roll in over the hills where the town is situated… really cool.  We returned to the church early due to the prediction of continued storms throughout the afternoon. Although we did not have a full day of work, we still managed to get a lot done and had fun while doing it!

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