Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Work Day Three-Team 1

Work team 1 (Ed, Squire, Jack White, Nick, Alex, Gavin)

The third work day for work group 1 got off to a bit of a slow start.  We drove out to a different work site farther outside of Hazard.  It was around 25 to 30 minutes away from the church.  In a ravine at least ¾ of a mile off the main road we helped our carpenters prepare the foundation for a house that will be built in the future.  We actually didn’t dig it though.  A backhoe did most of the digging while we got down in the dirt and tied pieces of rebar together that ran through the foundation trenches, each of which had to be 30 inches deep and 30 inches wide exactly.  Everyone in the group got to bend rebar and Jack, Nick, and Gavin got to snap rebar into two pieces.  The whole house is going to be rectangular shaped.  After the backhoe finished digging the trenches and we finished the rebar work, a concrete truck came into the area to pour concrete in the trenches.  As the concrete began to pour, our head carpenter Steve and Alex got into the concrete with special boots to help spread it.  Everyone else used rakes to spread it around.  All of the youth got splattered with concrete which can be messy when it’s poured.  After that we had lunch and after that we actually quickly left the work site because a thunderstorm was fast approaching.  But before that happened, everyone got to get behind the wheel of the backhoe and learned how to move the arm.  It was awesome!

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