Thursday, June 23, 2016

Work Day Four-Team 3

Work Team 3 (Jack D., Teddy, Maddie, Carly, William, Kendra, Gayle)

Dear diary, today our team went back to Alice’s house to finish the job off. The roof team bunkered down and pretty much completed the reinstallation of shingles for Alice’s roof. What the team left behind was absolutely stunning. Maddie McGill was deemed “Shingler Master of the East.” The crawlspace team headed by Teddy Andrew after the departure of McGill, ventured back down into the depths in order to secure the plastic sheeting against the wall with the Mighty Gorilla Tape (It’s harder than it sounds). Down under, the crew experienced multiple encounters with 30 legged creepy-crawlies, some of which group member Jack Dager took a picture with (William served as photographer). Jack Dager commenced to kill a particular creepy-crawly, “If it was a cat, it would have lost three lives.” Chaos ensued though, as Carly Rogers was trekked across by a spooky spider. This team 100% completed the job that they started (the plastic sheeting, not the eradication of the pests). The group rendezvoused for lunch and devotion, before some slight clean up (Gayle led the pack and certainly received style points for her leadership). Afterwards, everyone said their goodbyes to Alice, hugged her and rode off into the 3:00pm sunset.

As part of the daily routine, the mission trip crew showered and the boys got in a “mean racquetball round robin tournament extreme 2016.” The girls wrapped up showers rather quickly and returned to the church for some mean “letter writing.” The team felt quite Italiano as they dined on some spaghetti and the garliciest bread on this side of the Mississippi. Everyone proceeded to circle up for a quick game of “never have I ever,” and the team uncovered that Jack White used to participate in the art of Parkour. We topped off the night with a quick candle-lit worship service. It is currently 9:53. Everyone is asleep. I am awake. I do not know how much longer I can continue to live like this. I have suffered multiple days of early awakenings, and slight withdrawal from private showers. I have seven minutes before I am taken. I am out of Sour Patch Kids. SOS.

The Lord be with you, Teddy Andrew (With some sprinkled in wisdom from Jack Dager)

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