Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Work Day Two-Team 1

Work group 1 (Jack, Gavin, Ed, Nick, Charlotte G., Alex, Squire)

Today our team drove to the same work site as yesterday to work on the roof. With the trusses in place, our next step was to nail wood boards around the perimeter of the trusses. In the room that was going to be the kitchen, we nailed in boards where the kitchen cabinets would be, and put wood boards in the corners of each room in the house. After a devotional and lunch in the Kentucky heat, the majority of the group climbed up to the roof to nail in large pieces of plywood. On the ground, Squire and Ed measured, cut, and lifted the wood with the help of one of our carpenters, Mark. Our other carpenters, Steve and Justin, helped Jack, Gavin, Charlotte, Alex, and Nick nail in the plywood and handle the nail gun on the roof. We finished the day with half of the roof nailed into place and a sweaty, happy, and slightly sunburned team of hard workers.

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  1. Alexandra – I think we have a leak in our roof. When are you coming home? :-)