Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Work Day-Team 3

Work Team 3 (Maddie, Teddy, William, Carly, Jack D., Gayle, Kendra)

Today our team went to a Housing Development Alliance house (the third house to be built by the organization in Hazard).  The life expectancy of the shingles on the house expired at 20 years, so we worked to replace them. The new shingles have an expectancy of 30 years.  First we ripped off the old shingles with unique roofing shovels, designed specifically for removing shingles and nails.  After removing left behind nails, we cleared all of the debris into one of our carpenter’s trucks. Once the roof was clear of the old roofing we began laying roofing preparation sheet/ paper. We used an air-pressurized nail gun to secure the paper. We also laid down one row of shingles. As there were only three harnesses for the roof, four people had to stay on the ground and completed other jobs. The people on the ground cleared a small crawl space underneath the home in which the floor was covered in a plastic mat that needed replacing. The team enjoyed a great day of productive work although they were terrorized by the unbearable Hazard heat.

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  1. Please tell me Jack D was not using a nail gun, at least not near anyone.