Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday, June 19-Settling in

Yesterday we journeyed the long 8 hour car ride to Hazard with a stop for dinner at McDonald’s, and made it in around 8:15. We all settled our bags in and had a nice overview of the trip before crashing in bed.

We woke up feeling like it was the crack of dawn, but apparently that was “sleeping in” compared to the rest of the trip says Kendra…best of luck to us for the coming days. We had a delicious breakfast prepared by the famous cook Ed. After some cereal, muffins, and yogurt we played some ice-breaker games to get familiar with the whole group. Following these competitive games (4 on a couch got pretty heated), we joined the rest of the congregation for the worship service upstairs. It was a nice sermon about forgiveness, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. During the passing of peace and welcoming, the church was very mindful and kind about recognizing us. Then, we gathered before we took off to go to Subway for lunch. After that, we completed the looooooong and adventurous journey through Walmart where we gathered our week’s groceries and supplies. I (Charlotte G.) ended up getting closest to the total cost of all the groceries added up. Then we all came back to the church and unloaded all the groceries (fitting all of the refrigerated items was quite the task, but we did it!). We all got the chance to go to the Hazard Pavillion where we played tennis, ran on the track, and showered. After returning, we ate a delicious dinner of lasagna and chocolate cake for dessert! Finally, we finished the night with a nice introduction to the theme of our week (“Daring Greatly”). 10:00 bedtime, and we are all so excited for the hard work and fun ahead!

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  1. Be sure to ask Jack to teach everyone how to play butt head on the tennis court.